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Learning Network at Western University

Support Rainbow Seniors! 3 Things for Service Providers to Know
This Learning Centre resource features an infographic and informational video on how service providers can support rainbow seniors
YMCA Greater Toronto

Cyber Security Program, Plugging In, The Bright Spot, Y Digital Skills Literacy Program (YMCA Greater Toronto)
Cyber Security Program - Partnering up with Lighthouse Labs, YMCA of Greater Toronto offers a fully funded 12-week cyber security program for 100 Ontarians. The Bright Spot - The YMCA of Greater Toronto launches The Bright Spot, an online community where
YMCA Simcoe, Muskoka

YMCA Community Literacy Program
The YMCA Community Literacy Programs offers free training in computer skills. The course teaches topics such as computer basics, how to use the internet and social media, Microsoft Office, etc.
YMCA Greater Saint John

Digital Literacy Program (YMCA Greater Saint John)
The Digital Literacy Program offers free one-on-one sessions to teach older adults how to access and use technology. Can cover topics such as web browsing and search engine, creating and sending emails, creating and remembering secure passwords, navigatin
YMCA Northeastern Ontario

Digital Inclusion, Seniors Connection and Opportunities Hub (DISCO) (YMCA Northeastern Ontario)
The Disco Hub has a focus of providing seniors with technology and technology classes. Devices such as laptops and tablets are offered to participants and staff are available to teach them how to use the devices. Workshops for internet security and learni
YWCA Toronto

Computer Training (YWCA Toronto)
YMCA Toronto offers free to low cost computer training courses, workshops, and online tutorials for beginners to advanced learners.
YWCA Hamilton

Digital Force Learning Academy (YWCA Hamilton)
The Digital Force Learning Academy offers webinars that focuses on choaching women to move their small businesses online.
YWCA St. Thomas-Elgin

Skills Training & Upgrading (YWCA St. Thomas-Elgin)
The YWCA Skills Training and Upgrading program offers free computer training. Learning plans are tailored towards each participant. Laptops can be provided. The module includes computer introduction, social media, online forms, personal and private inform
YWCA Kitchener-Waterloo

In Her Shoes (YWCA Kitchener-Waterloo)
YWCA Kitchener-Waterloo offers the employment program In Her Shoes. The program provides women, transgender, and non-binary people digital and technological skills needed to gain employment and secure financial security. In Her Shoes (Women) is split into
YWCA Canada

Digital Smarts, Project Shift (YWCA Canada)
Digital Smarts - Digital Smarts is a free online digital literacy skills program that offers topics such as onine safety and privacy, how to use social media and Zoom, online banking and shopping, etc. The progam is offered in 8 hour-long workshops in var