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Senior's Guide to Computers

Senior’s Guide to Computers

Senior's Guide to Computers is designed to help seniors who are beginners at using technology. They offer basic computer training in plain language including how to use different web browsers, set up your computer to address accessibility, send emails, and other basic tasks. The site also offers detailed information on storing and saving data, setting up security protocols, and selecting software and hardware for your technology set-up.
Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks is owned and operated by Tony Horowitz who offers basic computer skills training for seniors and beginners. He has created a series of short videos on basic computer and software skills for free on his YouTube channel. Tony Also offers paid consulting services to organizations and paid one-on-one lessons to individual learners.

EGALE Guide to Virtual GSAs

Egale works to improve the lives of LGBTQI2S people in Canada and to enhance the global response to LGBTQI2S issues. This guide provides a webinar and series of resources for running an online Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) for youth.