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Brant Public Library

3D Printing, Tech Help (Brant Public Library)
3D Printing (Paris Branch) - Must be 18+ and a member of the library to gain access to the 3D printer. Agreement forms must be sumbitted before use.Tech Help - The staff will try to assist with any questions about the library computers and software. Help
Bracebridge Public Library

1-on-1 Tech Training, Information & Digital Services (Bracebridge Public Library)
1-on-1 Tech Training - One hour one-on-one tech training sessions are offered all year round. Topics cater to the patron's needs and include subjects such as email, social media, downloading ebooks, iPads, cloud storage, etc. Sessions are held via phone,
AARP (American Association of Retired Persons)

AARP (American Association of Retired Persons)
The AARP website is an active news network that provides a series of helpful articles on basic digital literacy and computer tips. In addition to digital literacy resources, AARP also published news stories relevant to older adults from all walks of life including BIPOC and queer communities.
Whitestone Public Library

Computer Tutorials (Whitestone Public Library)
Offers tutorials in a one-on-one tech help session or a group classes.
West Grey Public Library

Tech Help (West Grey Public Library)
West Grey Library (Durham Branch) offers Tech Help appointments every Tuesday between 5pm-7pm. Sessions are 30 minutes over the phone.
Thunder Bay Public Library

Technology Lending Program: Bridging the Digital Divide, Technology Coaching (Thunder Bay Public Library)
Technology Lending Program: Bridging the Digital Divide - Tablets, Wi-Fi hubs, and Chromebooks are available for lending. Can be loaned for up to 28 days. Patrons can only borrow one device at a time. Any adult or teen patron with an account in good stand
Tweed Public Library

Free Tech Session (Tweed Public Library)
Offers one hour one-on-one tech lessons with Niki. Sign up in-person at the desk.
Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Public Library

iPad Lending, Mobile Internet Hotspot Lending, 3D Printing (Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry Public Library)
iPad Lending - All branches have iPads available for in-library use.Mobile Internet Hotspot Lending - Mobile internet hotspots available to borrow for unlimited LTE internet availability anywhere. Loan for up to 10 days.3D Printing (Finch + Winchester + M
Stirling-Rawdon Public Library

Computer/Tablet/Cell Phone Classes, Computer Assistance (Stirling-Rawdon Public Library)
Computer/Tablet/Cell Phone Classes - Beginner classes on the use of computers, iPads/tablets, and smartphones. Computer Assistance - Staff is available at the library for any assistance for computer needs.
Toronto Public Library

Computer & Library Training, Wi-Fi Hotspot (Toronto Public Library)
Computer & Library Training - The Toronto Library offers in-person computer classes that focus on Microsoft Office, computer basics, and digital design.Wi-Fi Hotspot Lending - Wi-Fi hotspots are available to be lent out to those who do not have internet a